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Many know this stereotype of East European women being meek and submissive. On the contrary, those who have actually visited East Europe will tell you the opposite. If there are alpha male characteristics, then there are also alpha females characteristics. You will find plenty of these characteristics in East European women.

Alpha Females Have These Traits

So what is an alpha male personality and is it similar to an alpha female’s personality? Yes in a number of ways. The alpha personality can basically be described as dominant but not in an overbearing way. Both an alpha male and an alpha female can be viewed as confident, self-aware and intelligent. This is how most East European women are. To be more specific here is a breakdown of how an alpha female is:

She can carry a conversation with your circle of friends easily.

Most women in East Europe are intelligent and well-spoken. If you date an EU woman who is not shy to talk to your friends, and engage in a conversation with them, you’re dating an alpha. It’s highly likely that she can carry on a conversation with your friends better than you.

She is capable of paying her own bills.

An alpha female doesn’t need anyone to pay for stuff. She can do that on her own. She has her own career and it might be better than yours. However, what she does expect from a man is to be the perfect gentleman and that includes getting the bill when on dates.

She dresses a certain way.

Alpha females take care of themselves and you will see that in the way they dress. Most women from East Europe like to dress up and do their makeup every time they go out, but you’ll spot an alpha from the crowd because an alpha will always be comfortable in her own skin. Her look is not forced too.

Her people skills are on point.

Aside from talking to your circle of friends, an alpha female from East Europe is not afraid to meet people, talk to people and interact with people. She is naturally confident and talking to people will be like seeing her in her element.

Why date an Alpha Female from East Europe?

Now that we mostly know what an alpha female is, let’s move on to why you would date one. There are a few reasons:

  1. You’ll step up your game. To keep dating an alpha female from East Europe, you must always keep her interested. There’s no time for slacking.
  2. You’ll be encouraged to improve yourself. Improving yourself is part of keeping an alpha female’s attention.
  3. You’ll have wonderful and meaningful discussions with an alpha female.

If you’re looking for a female from East Europe who can be submissive, maybe you can look somewhere else since the alpha female traits are dominant with women in this part of the world.

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