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If you are planning to date Bulgarian women you should know that they are a bit of a challenge to pursue because of various reasons. They’re very much like Ukrainian and Russian women, they are so independent in a way that a man really needs to be a man in order to win their heart. Now, how are Bulgarian women a challenge? Well, here are a few things you need to know.

What You Must Know If You Are Planning To Date Bulgarian Women

Know How to Dance

Yes, this is seriously the first thing on the list. This is challenging because if you’re not the type of likes to dance, you have to at least practice or take a lesson so you know how to move. This is essential because in the Bulgarian culture, there are a lot of different gatherings to attend. A Bulgarian lady that you’d like to date will definitely want to dance with you. If you don’t know how to do this, who will she dance with?

Win Her YES as Well as Her Dad’s

What? Are we saying that you need to won her dad’s heart as well as hers? YES. Bulgarian women are very protected by the men in her family. The head of that protection committee is none other than her father. As soon as you win her father over, the rest of the men in the family will just agree. This is why it’s important to make a good impression at the dinner table during the first meeting with the family.

Fight Off Jealousy

Most Bulgarian ladies are very attractive physically. So, don’t go wondering why most men you pass by the street are turning their heads to take a longer glance at your lady. This is a challenge because you know that you have a lot of competition. However, the good news is, once you catch Bulgarian women’s hearts, you’ll also have their loyalty. Instead of focusing on jealousy, what you need to focus on is winning her over everyday.

Deal with Her Family

If you’re not used to a big family that happens to see each other often (sometimes, too often), this could prove as a challenge to you when dating Bulgarian women. It’s very common for families to gather in Bulgaria. Family gatherings involve a lot of craziness because  of the number of family participants, the amount of cooking that needs to be done, the number of games to do and, probably, the amount of dancing that’s going to happen after a few bottles of wine, rakia and beer. Overall, it can be overwhelming but fun at the same time.

Eat What She Cooks

Get used to Bulgarian food, dear friend, because you’re going to eat a lot of it when you’re dating Bulgarian women. These women like to cook and take care of you, especially when you’re sick. The Bulgarian women you’re with will cook for you, making it mandatory for you to takes her cooking and enjoy it.

Guess Every Time

What are you going to guess? What she’s thinking, of course. In order to go further with Bulgarian women, you’d have to be really good at guessing what they’re thinking of. Doing this will make you be one step ahead of her and, therefore, always surprising her. This might be a challenge. In fact, all of these things might be challenging but she’s also going to face some challenges when with you, which is a part of every relationship, so you really have no other option than to try and do your best. Love will surprise you if you let it.