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Divorce – it’s merely a word but with all the negative experiences that people had to go through to achieve it, the word doesn’t exactly have the most positive thoughts linked to it. With that said, if you’re a divorced men and you want to find new love abroad, would European women mind at all that you’re divorced? We’re going to answer that today.

Divorce in Europe

Surprisingly, many studies have shown that the rates of divorce in Europe are higher than in America. Also, statistics have shown that the number of children made outside of wedlock is steadily growing. Based on the statistics, divorce in Europe is seemingly common and the trend is to live together without having to get married. Studying the statistics works in your advantage because it gives you the idea that maybe divorce doesn’t really have the stigma that you may think it has in your own country.

Divorced Men & European Women

Most women in Europe are liberated thinkers and with the statistics that we just mentioned, it would be highly likely that they won’t care about men having the label of divorce on their name. The main point for them would actually be if you lied about being divorced. European women do not like being lied to as with all other women in the world, so we’ve got a few reminders for you if you are a divorced male looking to date European women online:

1. Be clear about your status.

It’s very tempting to lie about your marital status online. If you’re talking to a European woman and she asks if you’ve ever been married, just say flat out that you’re divorced. It’s understandable if you don’t want to get into details about it with her, just let her know that you’re not comfortable talking about it. Be honest.

Sure, talking to someone online might just be for friendship, but if you lie at the start and your relationship turns into something more than a friendship, then what do you do once she finds out that you’ve actually been divorced once or twice?

2. Do not online date if you’re divorce is not final.

The ugly truth = you shouldn’t even be dating if you’re divorce has not been finalized. Why? Well, if you’re going through a messy divorce, your mind is probably thinking of other more important things. We recommend that you settle your divorce first, give yourself time to relax and then decide if you’re ready to go out into the world to date again.

3. Expect for your intentions to be questioned at some point.

We’re saying that divorce isn’t really a big deal for European women but at some point, they are going to wonder if the same situation is going to happen to them when they are with you. It’s a human reaction so make sure that you know how to handle this situation when the time comes.

Divorce is not pretty, but it gave you the second chance to find the real love of your life – possibly from Europe. Just make sure that you’re honest about it from the get-go.

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