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For most people, online dating is very different from offline dating because the dating “rules” change and the element of being physically present is not there. While this statement is TRUE, there are a few similarities. When dating offline, for example, some people have the tendency to take things to the next level way too fast and that could also be true with online dating. In fact, studies have shown that despite the lack of physical presence, you feel a more solid connection with the person that you’re talking to. This is what makes you want to move at a fast in online dating. However, this is a false sense of connection and things may change when you add the physical presence into the equation.

That’s why when it comes to dating in general, it’s always a good idea to take things slow.

Here’s how to tell if you are indeed moving a little too fast with online dating and what to do about it:

1. You’re expecting the other person to reply…RIGHT AWAY.

Let’s say you met someone online and you’ve been talking on Live Chat for a few days. You seem to like this person because you have a lot of things in common and you think that she is an overall swell person. You decide to send her a sweet message one morning and then she ends up replying, a day after. You feel crushed and sad and you feel like this person is slipping away. STOP THE DRAMA. You’re getting ahead of yourself and of your emotions.

What to do about it?

At this early stage in your (potential) relationship, you really don’t want the other party to feel pressured. The best solution is to just to let it be.

2. Asking to meet your family.

Meeting your family is not a bad thing, don’t get us wrong. But, asking the other party to meet your family after a month of chatting or video calling is moving too fast especially when you’re just dating online (meaning you’ve never met each other in person yet). It’s absolutely important for you to get to know the person better and then establish your first meeting.

What to do about it?

Ask when the time is right and the time will be right if: 1. You’ve gotten to know each other better, 2. You’ve met each other in person, 3. You’ve spent some time together in person, 4. You see where your relationship is going.

3. You fall head over heels with the idea.

This one happens with both men and women but usually it’s more common in women because they tend to idealize the man that they meet. They tend to formulate ideas about them that may or may not be realistic (most of the time unrealistic). Does this sound familiar? Those who have been dating European women online for some time have been guilty of this.

What to do about it?

Set your feet (and your heart) firmly on the ground. Do not expect too much from the other person to the point where you imagine unrealistic future plans. You’ll just end up disappointed if the whole relationship doesn’t go the way you imagined it.