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Do you think you would be a rich guy if you had a penny for every time you’ve heard something like: “You’re too nice, and that’s why you don’t have a girlfriend. If you stop being so nice, the girls will come running”? And if you do, you are not wrong, many people often say and feel like nice guys finish last, and it’s no different in online dating. Men who have had their hearts broken often confirm this theory. So, how much truth is there really?

The Truth About What Women Want In Online Dating

Firstly, we have to take a look at typical characteristics of a “bad boy” so we can figure out everything else. Bad boys on dating sites tend to look like they have their lives figured out, often include a big number of pictures of themselves and seemingly have interesting things to offer because they lead exciting lives. From this, we can say that bad boys take pride in looking good, and are confident and self-assured.

Characteristics Women Are Really Attracted To In Online Dating

The truth is women are attracted to bad boy characteristics. And the reason behind it is the fact that those bad boys seem bolder in life, which is a very attractive trait for a female looking for someone who’ll always be by her side, protecting her, but also being able to keep up with her.

Is The Saying Wrong?

But, don’t lose hope, nice guys, on the contrary. There are also studies out there that prove women also choose their partners depending on how nice he is. To be precise, if they are looking for a long term partner, women will always be more oriented on true qualities. So, there you go, if you are looking for a serious partner, online or offline, you don’t have to worry if you are a nice guy, you should celebrate it. And moreover, if she is looking for a fling only, and you are not interested in that, why would you even worry if you are naughty or nice, right?

So, the point is, don’t change who you are just to try and get all the girls. If you want to be Mr. Nice Guy on dating sites, feel free to do so. The right girl will know how to appreciate it and you’ll finish first, at least in her book. And that’s the only thing that matters.