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When you’ve been in this online dating game for a long time, you already know that, sometimes, there’s an occasional Russian date who just goes cold all of a sudden without any clues. One day, you’re video conferencing, expressing romantic words, giving out intimate stares and exchanging future plans of meeting together. The next day, you end up just staring at the messages you sent a few days ago, without any replies.

Since this type of situation happens more often than we think, here are 3 things that you can do when that young Russian date you’ve slowly fallen for suddenly goes cold and silent.

What To Do When Your Russian Date Goes Cold

1. Don’t rush to conclusions.

First thing’s first, make sure that you do not over dramatize the situation. Usually, our heads become full of “what ifs” in situations like this: what if she secretly has a boyfriend, what if she’s found someone online who’s more financially stable, what if she wasn’t really that interested in me in the first place. Get all of these thoughts out of your head and give that young Russian date a benefit of a doubt. Maybe she’s just busy with school or work or an unforeseen crisis arouse. Don’t jump to conclusions lest you want to taint whatever connection you have with her now.

2. Be objective as possible.

Now that you’ve got a level head, assess the situation as objectively as possible. View the situation from the outside and not from within, assess where you currently stand with each other or where your relationship is currently and see if you can put one and one together. Caution, though. There is a chance that you might over think things and you, sometimes, have to accept the fact that you may need outside help if you’re finding it hard to be objective about the whole situation.

Russian dating online forums have proven to be helpful tools in letting you understand the current situation. Sign up to one and see what others (who are more experienced in dating a young Russian lady online) have to say. They might have gone through the same situation and, even if they have not before, they will still surely knock some sense into you with age old advice.

3. Accept it and move on.

There are situations where we have to accept how things are and just move on. We can’t really tell you all of the specifics but here are a few of them – things that tell you it’s time to move on:

  • When you’re young Russian lady hasn’t shown interest (this means messages, calls, texts, emails, etc) in months.
  • When you know that your young Russian lady is online but she’s just ignoring you.
  • When your gut, along with everybody else, is telling you to do so.

It’s a hard truth to accept especially if you’ve already fallen for her but it will get easier over time. Acceptance is always the first step to recovery.

On the Brighter Side

This is your silver lining: no matter what the outcome, you come out of it with a lesson ingrained in your head and in your heart. You can either do better next time, for sure. Don’t give up!