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If you’ve been on an online dating site with a couple of months and have had a little luck, then it is time to take a look at your dating profile. Dating experts have shared precise tips that will help you get more traffic. There are many things an average user underestimates and many things they put too much importance on. For example having a hundred pictures in your photo gallery isn’t vital. It is about having few high-quality photos. Let’s have a look at some of the changes worth making on your profile.

Every Dating Profile Should Include This

Upload only recent pictures on your profile.

Some people may think that since they haven’t changed that much in 5 years then why upload a new picture. In online dating, however, the current look is what is important. People fear those who don’t upload recent pictures. Probably because they have had bad experiences in the past.

TIP: When uploading a profile picture, not only should it be recent, it should also have you smiling on it. Also don’t wear sunglasses or a hat. Make sure you are looking at the camera.

Spice up the “About me” section.

Perhaps you’ve taken up a hobby you have forgotten to add. It is important to leave an impression of a dynamic person. You can write down anything from listening to certain music, playing a new sport or reading a new genre of books.

Changing the images in your Gallery.

Doing this is optional. Pictures of the Gallery give off an image of who you are so conscious when choosing what to add. If all you add are party pictures, then you will come across as not a very serious person. Add recent pictures of you engaging in a hobby. This will work as a way to break the ice between people – if someone has a look at your page, they may come up with more questions to ask you.

Updating the “Who I want to meet” section.

Have your preferences remained the same since the last time you updated this section? If not then do so. It will make it much easier to find like-minded people with similar desires.

Change is a Good Thing

To have success in online dating, updating your profile is a must. It can also help to keep you in high spirits regarding finding your match. At first, it may sound like too much work but, what is more, important than focusing on finding the right person?