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This sounds like a rather generic topic but much could be said about what Russian women are really like. We’ve all heard the stereotypes: they’re fit, they’re hot, they’re feisty, they’re tough and demanding. We have run a survey on online dating sites and the research shows that these are the traits Russian women don’t like in a man.

If You Want To Impress Russian Women, Don’t Do This

1. They are not fans of cheapskates

This may lead some people to thinking that this means you’re dealing with a gold digger. All we are saying is that in Russia it is very common that the guy impresses the girl with small special gestures. They don’t have to be grand every single time. By special gestures we mean simply getting her chocolates or flowers, paying for the date, taking her to interesting places for dinner and so forth. Just express your interest in her.

Suggestions: When you are meeting her family – it is always a good idea to bring the ladies in the family flowers. As is very common, you can bring the guys a bottle of alcohol. Bringing alcohol is very acceptable in Russian culture. If you want to bring something more special, ask your partner. She will appreciate your interest and efforts.

2. They’re not fond of quitters

You should expect that Russian women aren’t easy work. They need some convincing that you are truly interested in them, therefore they won’t allow themselves to be immediately available. Don’t think this behaviour means they are cold and distant. Don’t give up!

Suggestions: Learn as much as you can about the Russian culture to make her more comfortable with you. Also knock off the arrogant tough guy act that can come across attractive in the States. Be a gentleman and treat her like a lady. It sounds corny but it works.

3. They have zero tolerance for cheaters

Understandably this applies to most people but in the Russian culture it’s on a whole new level. If you’re going out with her – that means you are exclusive. There is no dating several people at the same time like it is in the States. Don’t think you can get away with it.
How do you determine that it has gotten serious? Either you feel it is the right time or you talk it out.

We hope you found this article helpful in figuring out which qualities Russian women don’t appreciate. Stay tuned for more dating tips.