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For many men, talking to women both online and offline is not that big of a deal. Conversation topics just seem to pop up instantaneously in their minds and words simply roll off their tongues.

There are those, however, find it rather difficult to even say hello because they lack the confidence and the experience when it comes to conversing with Russian ladies. Also, because of the stories we read online, Russian girls can be rather intimidating at times because of their demeanor and beauty.

If the second description sounds more like you, you need to practice. You can do so with the following four topics that Russian girls like to talk about.

Conversation Topics You Can Depend On

1. Family

Almost all Russian girls are close to their families. This is because family bonds are an essential part of the Russian culture. This makes “family” a good conversation starter. Try the following questions out:

  • How many are you in the family?
  • What does your mother do? Or, what does your father do?
  • Do you have brothers and sisters?

As soon as the Russian lady answers these questions, you can do a follow up. It’s also a great idea if you talk about your family as well. Just a little bit of caution, however, if you feel like she’s not comfortable sharing details about her family with you, you may need to do a bit of small talk before going into the topic of family.

2. Culture

Did you know that Russian girls are interested in discussing other cultures of the world? Knowing this, you can engage in friendly discussion with her about the similarities and differences in your culture. For you to do this, you have to ask the right questions:

  • Do Russians celebrate Christmas? How?
  • What are some superstitions you have in your culture?
  • Do you have any special traditions in your family?

These topics will be helpful but make sure that her answers are reciprocated with your own.

3. Mother Russia

Most Russians are very patriotic. They can discuss anything about their country for hours. Take advantage of this by asking the right questions to get your Russian girl to talk about her country:

  • If I were to visit Russia, which city should I go to?
  • What’s interesting to see in your city?
  • Have you been to other cities in your country? What are they like?
  • What do you love about your country?

This will really get her to talk. Make sure, though, that you have room for discussion as Russian girls may also want to know more about your country.

4. The Russian People

Russians, in general, are very interesting people to get to know. If you think about your questions carefully, the answers may serve as key to debunking how Russian girls think:

  • What are interesting habits Russian people have?
  • Are there Russian stereotypes that you find funny?
  • What’s the most common similarity all Russian have?

If you practice these topics enough, you’ll eventually master the art of talking to any woman and not just Russian girls. Just remember that they is to reciprocate and really engage yourself in the conversation so you can maintain it and keep her interested.