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What is so different between dating in Europe and dating in America? Some of our Western readers will most definitely be very surprised at how most Europeans view dating. It is important that you grasp the fundamental concepts of the European dating world if you are planning to date a woman from Europe.

What You Must Know About Dating in Europe

It is not okay to date several people at the same time

In America, most of the time when you’re dating, it is okay to see several people at the same time. There is nothing weird about it. In Europe, however, even if you’re in the early stages of dating it is seen as cheating to go out with anyone else. How major is this difference?

When you decide to ask someone out you should expect it to become exclusive very soon. It is kind of an unwritten rule.

dating in Europe AnastasiaDate

Going Dutch!

In the American dating scene, most of the time, it’s the guy who pays. It is different in Europe where two people often split the bill. Expecting the guy to always pay is seen as the woman being dependent and not the guy being kind. It is okay for guys to offer to pay the bill some of the time but definitely not always. It seems so conservative to the people there.

Casual and way less ceremonial.

In America the first date has a lot of pressure coming along with it. People over think what they should wear, what they should talk about, having the perfect haircut and so on. It’s really different in Europe where it is much more casual. The first date is almost like two friends spending time together. There is a definite “Let’s just have a good time!” vibe to it.

It’s not a game!

We often see American movies and videos of men and women treating dating like it’s a game. The women in the movies will flirt with you even if they don’t like you and the guys treat women disrespectfully. In Europe you may be surprised at how straightforward people are. If they’re not into you, zero flirting. They may even tell you to back off a bit if you’re just casually flirting.

Surprised much?

As you can see there are plenty of differences in dating in Europe and in America. There are more of these around and if you’re interested you can do more research. We will be uploading new dating tips soon!