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The dating game is as old as time. Whether you’re new to the scene or have been at it for years, some things should be carefully considered. The dating rules have stretched and changed immensely in the past few decades. Women have become much more liberal and as a result date much more aggressively than in previous generations. Finding that perfect mate for life is special and yet incredibly confusing and trying along the way. The following do’s and don’ts of dating should help give the clueless a place to start.

These Dating Rules Will Make Your Life Easier

Don’t be desperate. This may be obvious or ridiculous advice but it’s shocking how many people are willing to date anyone regardless of personal standards or interests. It’s easy to get caught up in the search for love but abandoning your principles and values just to get a date isn’t healthy. Think long term rather than right now. Dating shouldn’t be about filling time or taking what you can get at the moment. It’s about creating a lasting bond with someone you truly love spending time with.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve. This might seem like common sense but most of us can think of a friend or two who clearly decided to settle for someone they would be better off without. Learn from the mistakes of others and don’t repeat them yourself. This is your life partner that you seek not a boss, business associate or menu item. Give it more thought and say no when it needs to be said.

Do take necessary risks. A blind date can be an absolute disaster but it could also be the best chance you ever took. There is only one way to find out. With the technological advances of today things like speed dating and even text message dating have become common place. Don’t be afraid to try something like this. Even if you don’t find the love of your life, it’s a great way to meet new people and have some fun.

Don’t let yourself get too serious. It can effectually ruin any fun you may have and dating should be fun. It’s a fabulous time in your life when making connections can play a large role in your future. Let yourself laugh and don’t expect too much from a first date. Casual and fun is what a first date should be about. Getting too serious too fast will work against you. There is enough pressure these days when it comes to dating without adding to it. Approach each date with a positive attitude and keep your expectations reasonable.

Do all that you can to be yourself. First dates have a way of bringing out the worst in many of us. It’s easy to pretend to be something you’re not or try too hard to impress the other person. If a spark results from the match and a genuine connection is made, putting up a false front could potentially ruin everything, much like a bad sitcom episode. Know what you want and know who you are. Before you can offer yourself to another it’s crucial to be in touch with what you really want in life and never be willing to compromise for less. Dating is fun and can be an adventure filled experience to fondly look back on. Just follow these dating rules, and you’re set.