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When it comes to the dating etiquette in Europe, you’ll be surprised at how different it is from the dating etiquette in Western countries. For one, it is more open, more casual and more relaxed. To know more about the European dating etiquette, here are six basic ones that you need to remember when you want to date a European woman.

This European Dating Etiquette Is Mandatory If You Want To Find Love

The Approach

Let’s talk about the approach, first of all. Who approaches who exactly. In Western countries, you would commonly see the man doing the approaching. In some parts of Europe, it is similar but there are parts where the women are bold and brave enough to do the approaching. It’s refreshing to see the tables turn on who’s approaching who, isn’t it? This is how women in some parts of Europe are.

The Date

Don’t be surprised if the date is more casual in Europe. You see European people view dating as simply “hanging out”. This means that a date can be anything from a hike, a visit to the museum, a walk in the park and so on. You have more freedom to go on “off the beaten path” type of dates. So, for you, don’t just stick to going to a restaurant all the time when dating European women. Mix it up a little.

Picking Up the Bill

During the date, the man would have to pick up the bill because this is a gentlemanly thing to do. Nothing much has changed, to tell the truth even in Europe. When on a first, second or even third date, it’s customary for the man to pick up the bill. However, as dating or the relationship goes further, a couple can always go dutch or the woman decides to pay for the date. With this topic, it’s always best for the man to just grab the bill in every case.

Goodnight Kiss?

After the date, is it OK to give your date a good night kiss? YES in Europe but this has a condition. Usually, you’d know how the date went. If it went well, you can pucker up and go in for the kiss, but if it was a total disaster, you can forget about the kiss. European women only kiss when they really like a person so don’t just assume and then lean forward. Observe and learn how to take a hint.

The Next Day

The dreaded next day comes. Do you call her? Does she call you? How does it work? Well, unlike in Western countries where there are a whole bunch of rules for when a guy need to call a girl, in Europe you can just call right ahead the day after. In fact, the call signifies that you’re still showing interest. Waiting is ill-advised as the woman will think that you’re not interested in her at all.

Does it Make Dating Easier?

Does this kind of dating etiquette in Europe make dating there easier? Yes, in some ways. You still have a to learn more, however. It takes true insight to understand what the dating scene in Europe is all about so it’s pretty much a trial and error situation. However, you should definitely remember the 6 basic dating etiquette in order to get by.