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Russian women are no doubt one of the most beautiful races in the world and I wouldn’t blame you if you opt to be with one. But then again, the Russian culture and the West can sometimes be different as day and night. So how do you deal? Here are a few facts that are good to know about Russian culture and its people that will help you when you start dating a Russian lady.

Elementary Facts For Dating A Russian

Russians Love Dill

They love dill and love it to a fault. This is one important fact you should know before dating a Russian lady. She might not say it out loud but this nation has a particular fixation with this herb. If you are thinking of dating and eventually marrying your Russian girl, you had better learn to love dill. Besides, showing that you like this flavor from home, might actually impress her.

Russians Love Plastic Bags

Russians in general never really throw away plastic bags from their last grocery trip because they have this notion where you can never really tell when you would need one. This is also evident with the collection of shops that sell specialty plastic bags of different styles, patters and even brands. So there is the biggest possibility that your Russian girlfriend will have a certain fixation with plastic bags but it wouldn’t hurt if you do get her a designer handbag as a gift.

Russians Love to Dress Up

Yes, they love dressing up, even just for a casual stroll down the street. And when we say dressing up, we mean the works: high heels, full make up and nice attire. And since this is the case, when you are thinking of dating a Russian lady, you had better gear up and amp up your game. After all, if you want to impress your Russian date, it just is fair for you to look your best when she looks spic and span.

Russians Love to Drink

This may not come as a surprise with the nation that came up with the vodka. It is said that Russians can consume up to 18L of alcoholic beverages in a year. This being said, be prepared to drink as your Russian girl might actually be a heavier drinker than you. A small piece of trivia, Vodka is actually said to have been derived from the term “voda” which means water.

Russian Clubs Love the Beautiful and the Wealthy

In Russia, there is this thing called feiskontrol. Basically feiskontrol is where only the most beautiful and the wealthiest are let in to clubs making the club more popular because of this. So what happens is you have to stand outside the club and wait to be judged if you’re hot enough to get in. So if you are planning to get you and your Russian girl into one of the hottest and happening clubs, you have got to get your game face on and dress to impress like it’s going to be a pageant.

And just one bonus trivia that’s nice to know: Russia’s total surface area is larger by 400 thousand square kilometers than Pluto at 17 million square kilometers.