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Not messing up on a first date with your European beauty is understandably extremely important. The initial date is seen as something that predicts what may happen in your potential relationship; provided that you still want to continue seeing each other. Being aware of this might make it even more difficult to go out with someone who is from a completely different culture. That complicates matters even more since you, as the guy in the relationship, are expected to know precisely how to behave while dating women like these.

Rules You Definitely Need To Follow If You Are Dating European Beauty

Do not be Arrogant

Russian and Ukrainian┬áladies are not fond of guys who are either overly confident or arrogant. There’s no need for the “I’m all that” attitude. With the classy Russian and Ukrainian women you will blow your chances of getting a second date. These women prefer guys who have great personalities, who are decisive, strong, polite and possess a great sense of humour. Meaning they would definitely back off from someone who behaves like some guy in a rap video.

Small Gifts are Acceptable

Now that you know better and drop the arrogance remember to bring a gift. Keep in mind that it needs to be a small gift and it doesn’t need to be expensive. The best little gifts are nice flowers. This is a great way to show that you are a nice considerate guy that has great intentions.

Casual is Best

Know you are aware that you need to behave like a gentleman and bring her flowers. The next step is to figure out where to take her.

It is important to make your date feel comfortable so the best idea is to take here somewhere casual like a cute restaurant, a nice park for a picnic or even a nice coffee shop. Keep from arranging the first date to some very expensive restaurant because she will think you’re trying hard to impress her with your money. The casual approach works well for the both of you since you both will be comfortable in that setting and there’s a far better chance of sharing intimate romantic moments.


With regards to paying on the first day, it is still the norm for the guys to do it. It’s seen as very gentlemanly.

Red Flags to Remember

If your date doesn’t appreciate the nice little gift you bring her or isn’t very happy with your choice of the restaurant something is off.

It may be that:

  • she is trying to test what your financial capabilities are
  • she wants you to impress her with your money.

When you come across someone like this we recommend to stay calm and still keep in mind what we have suggested. If she passes down your request for a new date, she most likely wasn’t that into you anyway.