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Are your flirting techniques not working with your online date? You might not have that good of a game as you thought. We’re here to help, though, so don’t worry about it. There are 2 things that we can think about that you’re doing wrong: 1. you’re coming on way too strong, as in you’re cocky, arrogant and you seem like Mr. Know-it-All or 2. you’re coming on too weak, as in you just sent your lady a simple “hi” or “hello”. Stop whatever you’re doing and read these 3 tips we have for you to improve your flirting game and get responses.

These Flirting Techniques Will Work if You do it Right

Stick to PG

Just in case you got confused, PG means Parental Guidance – just like in the movies. PG movies are suitable for all audiences, right? Your conversation and flirting should be the same. There’s a better way of getting the message across;  it doesn’t have to be sexual all the time. No woman likes that kind of approach. This applies to the way you address your lady, to your jokes, and to the words you say (or type). On second thought, let’s apply the PG rule to everything you do with all the ladies you meet online – at least for starters. There’s a right time to be nice and there’s a right time to be naughty.

Start with Something New

Remember when we said that being cocky is coming on too strong and saying a simple “hi” is too weak? Well, you have to be somewhere in between when you are applying your flirting techniques. Not only that but you have to be creative. Think of the not so usual way to open up a conversation. The easiest way for you to do that is to check out her profile: Study it and see what sparks your interest. If she likes Korean pop music and you know a little something about it, you can open with that. Let’s say she likes cooking Italian food, maybe you can open with something like: “Hi my name is ____. I read on your profile that you like cooking Italian food. What’s the best Italian dish you’ve ever cooked?”

Remember You’re Talking to Someone Real

When you’ve gotten a response to your opening, this is when you have a real conversation. The main thing to remember is that the lady online is a real person so pretend like you’re having a conversation with someone face to face. Do away with whatever you saw in movies, the way people have conversations in the movies is, most of the time, far from what really happens. The aim is to learn more about her so go back to her profile and get your topics there. A man who shows genuine interest in learning more about a woman always gets plus points.

As long as you do it right, the combination of these 3 flirting techniques will get you responses that even you will have trouble responding to one by one. They are really effective if you’re sincere if you’re honest and if you’re yourself. The key word is genuine so you have to have a real interest in getting to know the woman online.