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Tempting, tempting, tempting. The internet has always been a platform of reinvention. You can reinvent the environment that you’re in, you can reinvent the stories of your life and you can reinvent yourself so people will like you more. This is pretty common in online gaming, social networks, online relationships and dating. That’s the whole point of it, isn’t it? You want people to like you more. But how does honesty work in all of that?

What You Must Know About Online Relationships And Honesty

With this said, the question now is: Is honesty ever going to be practiced? It can but there are a few instances where you just need to let it slide. Let’s focus more on the world of online dating. Here are a few instances where you can forgive the other person for telling white lies and others where it’s inexcusable:

1. I own my own company

In this scenario, the other person is lying about their job. You found out they weren’t telling the truth because you found his/her info on Facebook. Instead of bashing the person to bits because he/she lied about their current profession, you can let it slide this time. It’s something minor and excusable. Who knows? The person might just be too embarrassed to say that he/she in unemployed at the moment. You’d do the same, wouldn’t you?

2. I do not have children

Let’s say you’re chatting with this cute European woman online and you ask her about children. She denies it, but then later on reveals that she actually has 2 kids. Should you let this one slide? NO, but consider giving the other person a second chance. Sometimes, we can’t help but think that the person were chatting with won’t give us the time of day if he knew about our past and it’s true most of the time.

3. I am not married or I am not in a relationship

You’re doing the whole online dating thing because you want to find someone you can spend time with and potentially have a relationship with. Even if you like this person very much, it is inexcusable for them to lie about their marital or relationship status. This is definitely far from being a white lie and it gets worse if you’ve actually started to like the person. Just walk away – that’s our advice.

4. Blond hair, blue eyes, tall

Lying about your physical appearance is something that’s very common in the online dating world. So you meet for the first time and you see that the person you’re chatting with actually looks very different. Should you let this one slide? Call it out (gently) but give the person a chance. Don’t walk out on your date just yet. You might just end up liking the person anyway because you click.

Conclusion: there are certain situations that make lying excusable but the key is for you to be a good judge of it especially when it comes to online relationships and dating.