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We’ve all heard a lot of things regarding Russian ladies; both good and bad things. There are a lot of circulating information all over the web ranging from how Russian ladies are gems just waiting to be picked, to Russian ladies are scammers and are after passports and money. So how does one gauge exactly how the actual dating Russian ladies dynamics go?

Here is a relatively objective look at what dating Russian ladies is like. We will delve into the good, the bad, and the ugly of these dating dynamics so that you can decide for yourself if you would like to give it a go. Remember, there are two sides to a coin, there will always be a positive and a negative aspect to every situation.

What To Expect From Dating Russian Ladies

The Physical Attributes

Hands down, Russian women are breathtaking due to their genetic makeups that make them aesthetically pleasing to look at. They, indeed, pay special attention to looking good and try as much as they can to remain beautiful. Partly this is cultural as beauty is something these ladies value. So the question remains; are all Russian ladies beautiful? The answer is, still, in the eye of the beholder. In any society, the world over, the standards and concepts of beauty vary. There will always be Russian girls who are not as attractive as the other, but all are beautiful in their way. Though, if going through dating agencies and websites, try to keep in mind that they usually publish the cream of the crop. These ladies are posed professionally and are made to look their best to attract potential takers.

Personality and Values

Dating sites tend to play up characteristics that they think men would like in a potential wife. As per Society, on the other hand, would exaggerate on how women in these sites are in it for the big bucks. If one spends time in Russia, one will get a little bit of an idea that these are both true to a certain degree. So, what are Russian ladies like personality and values-wise? Russian girls are often portrayed as loving home-makers ready to serve their man hand and foot. Partly true. That is mainly because, in Russia, homes are not as well equipped with a contraption for everything, thus, they are drilled on how to run their home manually. If your lady is not required to earn for the household, then she will not mind running the home. As for being submissive, it is their way to let the man feel in control so that she gets what she wants in a more peaceful way. After all, a happy husband would acquiesce to requests more readily than a manhandled one. These women, like western women, know what they want and are educated, they just go about getting things done a different way.

Money Matters and Visas

This is another well-circulated info that these women are expensive to date and are simply after green cards and visas. As with any other culture, western or not, there will always be the social climbers, the gold diggers, and the authentic ones. Sad to say, but there are outfits running a big scamming circus where they lure you in with beautiful pictures and sweet words then slowly siphon money out of you. But, there are always those authentic Russian ladies who are serious in finding a mate and it just so happens that sometimes, these men are of a better social standing than theirs. It may sometimes seem that they are more interested in your wallet and bank account than you, but this is just a concern that they have because, let’s face it, nobody really wants to go from the frying pan and into the fire right? They are just worried that they will be leaving home and going to a strange land and would like to be secure once they get there. One piece of advice: never send money outright. You could send her gifts along the way but test the waters first after you have personally met. And, trust your instincts. If your gut tells you there’s something fishy, there probably is.