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Most men who decide dating a Ukrainian woman don’t really realize that a certain amount of planning has to be done. These men just jump to popping the question (rather prematurely at that) without even thinking of the things that he needs to inform himself with and the things that he needs to prepare so the first few months of dating are not as rough.

We’re giving you a basic checklist to get you started. Our advice is for you to take a look at the list, review it, study the items on it and consider each one wholeheartedly:

Don’t Forget This If You Plan On Dating a Ukrainian Woman Seriously

1. Make sure that your Ukrainian woman is OK with you being apart after (potential) marriage.

Chances are, you might have to spend a few months apart to process everything. If you haven’t prepared ahead of time, the period will be longer as you would need to seek council or do your own research on what the requirements are, how much needs to be paid and so on.

Talk about being apart with your future partner and see how she feels about it. Do this before you start dating seriously to save both of you from heartache and longing.

2. Answer this question: What to do next after dating a Ukrainian woman?

You have to discuss this as a couple. What’s going to happen next after you say your “I do”s? Will you move to Ukraine? Will she move to your country? Will her family be alright with her moving (most likely, they will have their apprehensions)? There are a lot of things to ask. Sit down with your loved one, ask each other possible questions and answer these questions together.

3. Look into VISA processing procedures.

This is somewhat a combination of #1 and #2. Like what we said earlier, both of you have to decided who is moving where and then research about the VISA procedures needed to make the move happen. You’ll also need to prepare for the expenses that your about to spend with the processing of the appropriate documents.

4. Seek advice from others who have more experience.

This is probably the best thing you can do before popping the question and dating a Ukrainian woman. Go to a reliable and active online forum that specializes in FSU dating and relationships and seek advice from men who have already gone through the road your walking on. They can give you insight on what you’re not noticing and they can also give you information on VISA procedures.

What’s the take away?

There are two things that you can learn from this: 1. Do not take the little things for granted, and 2. Always plan for the future. It is possible that your relationship might still be OK without proper preparation but if you can avoid the hassle, altogether why not do it for the sake of both yours and your Ukrainian woman’s happiness?