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The same as dating in the real world, online dating experience can have its ups and its downs. The good sides are that you get to have a lot of fun meeting new people from across the globe, you can have tons of great conversations with gorgeous women, lots of people will be checking out your profile each day and so on. The downsides include your profile not being exciting enough and it doesn’t attract the right type and before you realize it – your back where you started from in the first place.

You aren’t the only person with this issue. It typically happens to all beginners who are simply unaware of the Do’s and Dont’s in the online dating world. There are several factors that contribute to why your online dating experience is on the negative side but the good news is that all of it can be turned around.

Ready for a Better Online Dating Experience?

Tip No.1 – Have a goal in mind when you describe yourself

This is obviously a very important part of the profile – you describe yourself to the person you want to meet. How have you answered the: “About you” section? Where would one even begin? Here’s a good technique to use to narrow it down.

As mentioned it is important to have a goal in mind when you describe yourself and the goal needs to be attracting the right kind of person to you. Believe that it can’t be achieved by praising yourself. Describe your genuine self. Add something that you think is pretty unique about you and be honest about everything.

Tip No. 2 – Delete group photos

Imagine yourself having a look at a girl’s profile with several guys on the picture. It sends the wrong message and it can be the reason why not enough people are having a look at your profile. Your profile photo should be about you and you alone! You can go about it two ways – add a professionally made picture of you or a photo of you engaging in a hobby.

Tip No. 3 – Be aware of and follow online dating safety rules

This is hugely important. You need to protect yourself and your information because there are people out there with a serious interest in exploiting vulnerable people. Don’t give out your personal info to anyone. Don’t make hints about where you regularly love to go. Try to build serious trust between you and the person you’re talking to before you allow them into your life! Read the anti-scam plan of every site to make sure it’s legitimate.

There are more tips to follow other than just these three. Do some homework in your part and put in some effort to better your online dating experience. The effort will pay off!