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Throughout your entire experience of looking for love online, we bet that you’ve encountered profiles that say, “Age doesn’t matter”. The question now is: Is this really true and are there enough success stories (evidences in other words) that can support the truth in this statement? We are going to attempt to address these today by studying researches and giving out our two-cents with this issue.

Let’s start with the specific types of women as examples.

Looking For Love Online In Specific Numbers

European Women and Their Age

The usual European women that you’ll find on dating websites are from Russia, Ukraine and other parts of Eastern Europe. They’re usually 18 to 42 years of age. If we translate these into percentages, you’ll see about 15% 18-19 years old, 60% 20-30 years old, and then about 25% 30 years old and up. These are all approximations, but this is usually what you will see when you want to meet European women (specifically Eastern European women) online.

Asian Women and Their Age

For Asian women, the percentages are very similar. About 15% are ages 18-20, the majority of them in the online dating world are in their mid-20’s to early 30’s and the rest are about 31 years old and above. Again, these are just estimates but you’ll be able to tell if you’ve been online dating for a long time and if you’ve been through several online dating websites already.

What these Women Say

All of these women, pretty much, say the same thing: “Age doesn’t matter to me”, “Personality is more important”, “I don’t bother with the age of the person as long as he is responsible”, and the list goes on. In most cases, the ideal age of the man they want isn’t even mentioned in their “Who do you want to meet” section.

Do They Really Mean It?

Now on to this question of do these women really mean it when they say that age is merely a number? The answer is YES and NO. YES because there are women out there who are more attracted to men who are older or younger than them and there are women who just put similar lines on their profiles because all they really want to do is scam someone.

For the women that really do mean it, you’ll be able to tell in the way they talk. If they keep talking about traveling, partying, and the like, they’re probably looking for someone younger and they don’t really mean what they’re saying because, let’s face it, they cannot expect you to do all of these active things when you’re 50 years old.

So does AGE really matter?

If you really think about it though, age does matter in online dating because at one point you may have found yourself on the search page of an online dating website, filtering your search according to race, maybe hair color and age, so you tell us.

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