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Something very exciting is happening in the world of online dating. People were lost in all of the options that were popping out everywhere for a long time, but now it seems things have finally fallen into place. And we have decided to share the news about great success love stories which happened because of Anastasia Date and which prove that truly is possible to find love online.

A lot of the things changed through many years of AnastasiaDate’s existence, one of the most important being keeping up with the times, and introducing a mobile app. That way, they enabled their users to have their potential dates always at the tip of their fingers, literally. And that alone made possible for so many couples to turn their online love story to a real life love story.

Stories That Prove It’s Possible To Find Love Online

For example, Tatyana from Ukraine and Marco from Belgium are one lucky couple that met online awhile ago. Marco stumbled across Tatyana’s profile, was immediately swiped of his feet and sent her a letter. Tatyana responded very soon and that was the beginning of their story. After their initial talks over the site Marco decided to visit Ukraine, and that went very well. So well that they decided they want to spend every possible moment together. That hasn’t changed until this day. They are now married and still happily in love.

But they are not the only couple who has decided to come forward with their story to help encourage people to try to find love online. Anastassia from Russia and Robert from Great Britain are another happy couple who can thank Anastasia Date for their love story. And you’ll be delighted to hear that Anastassia was the one who contacted Robert first through online letter. She really liked him because of their shared love for sports. At first they maintained an online relationship, but once they concluded that they really could be a good couple IRL also, they decided to go on a vacation together. And that was just another part of their ongoing love story.

If you look for them, you’ll find loads of stories about finding love online, and these here were just an example to get you to understand that real people really do meet online and fall in love. And every day more and more women and men sign up to use international online dating services, which means your chances of meeting the one you are dreaming of increase every second. But don’t waste any more time, start searching today.