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They say that love makes the world go round, and it truly is an amazing feeling. Battles have been fought, people have been killed and seemingly impossible things have been accomplished; all in the name of love. Few would argue that love is the most powerful of emotions. But is love in a relationship enough?

What Is The Role Of Love In A Relationship

Most relationships are based on mutual feelings of love. You meet someone, get to know him or her, and then fall head over heels. This is the stuff fairy tales are made of. It brings to mind visions of happily ever after. But, when reality, or life, gets involved, it can change our views.

We may find that we don’t have as much in common as we originally thought. Or the things that we don’t have in common are important enough to create problems. We might learn facts about the other person that results in loss of respect. When faced with something as a couple, you might come to realize that you have completely different morals or values.

When any, or all, of the previously mentioned scenarios come to pass, will love be enough to get you through? Loving someone does not necessarily mean that you respect, want to be with, or even like them. It is completely possible to love in a relationship without liking them, no matter how odd that may sound to you now.

Compatibility is so important in relationships. Without some common ground the desire to be together can wane. Extreme differing opinions, beliefs and values can lead to serious arguments. Lack of shared interests may very well leave a couple with little to enjoy in their life together.

Although love is important, we should start accepting, if we haven’t already, that love alone can not keep two people together.

There are other factors involved and without them, you will likely find yourself in a unsatisfying relationship.

That is why it is important to go slowly down love’s path. Make sure that the two of you really like one another as friends and companions. Respect also plays a big part in the level of happiness you can achieve. Look past the love to make sure there is more there. But don’t forget, love in a relationship is one of the foundations, which doesn’t mean it’s enough to make the relationship work, you do have to put in the effort.