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Let’s say you’ve been on online dating sites and you found someone you do like but somehow didn’t seem to have that initial spark or click. It is thought that if you don’t have the experience of that spark right away then the online relationship isn’t meant to be. We don’t agree with this concept.

We think it is possible to develop that spark to some extent and especially so with online dating where you lack the physical presence of each other. There are many factors that contribute to the success of an online relationship and it may be as simple as which words you use when you talk and how you present yourself.

Here are some ideas on how to fix not having the initial spark.

Online Relationship Will Be Better If You Find That Spark

1. Unmask Yourself

This happens to a lot of people – they are so excited about talking to an attractive person online that they place far too much importance on putting their best foot forward. They don’t have naturally great conversations. Instead all they do is talk about what is great about their own person. People forget to ask their online date questions when they are so focused on trying to impress them. We suggest you take off your mask and be who you are. Be natural and see how quickly things take a turn for the better.

2. Too Much, Far Too Soon

While still on the subject of putting your best foot forward – you may feel a great attraction towards someone and assume automatically that it must be mutual. Then you think that since you’ve already been talking for a whole month then you must be getting into something serious. Then you start acting as if you were a couple far before you reach that stage. That is a very quick way to spoil things. Instead talk to the person and share how you feel. Ask her how she views you and your conversations. Don’t fall head over heels too soon.

3. Saying the Right Things at the Right Time

That means that instead of naturally responding to questions and the conversation in general, you are thinking about what the ideal next line should be. You are far too focused on what to say next and so you don’t pay enough attention to the woman. That is a huge turn off since you come across as a self absorbed person who has no time to listen to others.

What if You Fix These Things and There is Still No Spark?

The truth is that you can’t have the spark with every person. You also can’t develop it with everyone so don’t force it if it isn’t there. If you’ve given it a chance – you’ve used our tips and things don’t get better then we suggest you move on. There are plenty of women on online dating sites you can try your building online relationships.

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