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When you’re in a relationship with someone, you need to study the person as a whole. This means that you need to get to know both their good side and bad side, their likes and dislikes, their emotional needs and physical needs and so on and that also applies on things you should know about Russian women.

Most times, people do these things but they often forget one vital aspect that shapes an individual’s being – faith and religion. This is especially true with men who would like to date a Russian woman either online or offline. Why? Well, for one, foreign men focus more on the preferences they’ve already set for who they want to meet and these preferences rarely include anything about a Russian woman’s religion so, as a result, this part of a Russian woman’s life doesn’t come up in the relationship until…it does.

Insights about Russian Women and their Faith

  1. Practicing religion or not, she will most likely consult her local priest before you get married. She will ask her priest for advice on how she can go about doing the ceremony with you not being part of the another church/religion. She will also ask her priest about the proceedings of the ceremony.
  2. Your children, as well as future children, will be baptized in the Russian Orthodox church – this is non-negotiable.
  3. About a Russian woman’s beliefs, she will have specific ones when there are important life events happening – birth, death, religious holidays or periods and so on. You may not agree with some of them but you still have to respect your Russian woman’s religious practices.
  4. She’s going to have icons inside the house. If you get married, she will definitely put these icons inside your house as well. She may be particular with the arrangement of these icons and all you have to do is let her do her thing as patronal icons are held with a particular reverence.
  5. Russian women may not all be that religious but you have to understand that a person will probably still do certain church practices, will still do confession and will, every now and then, go to a Sunday mass.

What You Should Do

  • Respect her religious beliefs for one. For you to lead a peaceful life as a couple (or future couple) you must respect each others faith – she must do the same with you.
  • Do your research. If you want to understand her more or if you want to understand her perspective on things, research what her religion has taught her. You may also ask Russian women directly so you can get first-hand information from the source.

There you go. If you’re really serious about your Russian lady you may also want to know that an Orthodox Christian can marry non-orthodox church members as 70% of the church’s marriages are inter-Christian. You don’t have to worry about converting into a religion you know very little about. The main thing is respect – respect each other’s religious beliefs and choices so your relationship is harmonious.