European ladies AnastasiaDate

As you probably know, European ladies are everything but easy to impress. It takes being a certain type of a person to approach the kind of women you are drawn to. Because of local customs some may be difficult to get close to, but if you manage to get past the barriers it will be a wonderful experience. For some types you might need to be more reserved in order not to come across too aggressive.

Are there ways to express this via your online dating profile? Absolutely. We have listed a number of ways you can make your profile look more suitable and to be successful with using it.

“Hey, girl! I’m the best thing your eyes will ever see!”

Should you have something as cocky as this as a highlight on your profile you need to delete it right away. Switch it with something articulate, sweet and definitely toned down. European women do not seem to be very attracted to this “I’m a very sociable guy” look that most Western guys are so fond of. If you don’t want to seem like a jerk, then delete it.

Show off your creativeness by taking a nice artsy picture of yourself.

The majority of European women are well educated and are knowledgeable about art, literature and fashion. It is a great idea to try to catch their eye with a well done portrait of yourself. Black and white photos are the best option. Try to express your personality with the image.

List the places you have traveled to.

If you have traveled, definitely share this. It shows that you are an outgoing guy with an interest in other cultures which means you would be interested in really getting to know them. It also works as a great conversation starter if you end up corresponding with an Eastern-European ladies for example. If you haven’t been traveling then you may replace this with your experiences going to museums or great music events or even poetry.

Be honest and straightforward with what exactly you are looking for.

European women are more interested in guys that are direct. If you are looking for something casual, definitely mention it to the girl prior to engaging in something more serious. Be as specific as you can be.