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Dating a Russian woman is a very exciting venture. It could be a whole new chapter to your dating life because it’s different and Russian women are very special. Successfully dating Russian ladies doesn’t require a lot of hard work too. But, certain effort is required, of course, except it won’t feel like hard work if you’re truly interested in a Russian beauty. Among all that you do, however, there are a few mistakes that you absolutely should put in all effort to avoid. We’ve compiled five of them here.

Russian Woman Won’t Tolerate Any Of These Mistakes

Mistake #1: Showing off your financial capability

Lavish gifts and frequent gift giving does show that you can, indeed, support her in the long run but it doesn’t communicate your sincere intentions. It’s as if you’re dangling your wealth as bait. It’ll make her think that you don’t value her as s person and that you’re trying to buy her affection. It’s the same idea when you show off your financial capability in your profile – it doesn’t attract the right kind of Russian woman. Not all Russian women are attracted to wealth.

Mistake #2: Falling in love with an idea

Because most of your communication will happen virtually, it’s easy for your imagination to run wild and paint itself an image of how it interprets the lady you’re corresponding with. Don’t let your imagination run wild and fall for an idea. Stick to reality and really put in the effort of getting to know the person.

Mistake #3: Making quick decisions

This has a bit of a connection with the second mistake we mentioned. When you’ve fallen in love with an idea, it’s easy to make quick decisions about visiting her, sending her money or, worse, marrying her even if you haven’t met her yet. It’s decisions like this that will make you regret life, in general, so carefully look at where you’re walking and where you’re heading to. You might just end up lost.

Mistake #4: You don’t show interest in her culture

Is it important to show interest in her culture when dating online? Yes, it’s a paramount factor for her to determine your future together. Russian people are very proud of their culture and heritage so getting to know what these are is like getting to know a Russian person’s essence.

Mistake #5: You’re looking for a trophy wife or girlfriend

A trophy wife or a girlfriend is just someone who’s beautiful enough to be displayed to the people that surround you. Little to no emotional attachment is involved in this kind of relationship. If you’re looking for someone like this, you might just find her. You’ll be happy for a few months but trust us when we say that this kind of relationship will not work in the long run nor will it be healthy. It’ll be toxic when no real love is involved.

These mistakes are easy enough to avoid if, again like what we mentioned earlier, you’re sincere in your intentions and if you truly like the person you’re corresponding with. See who you have real chemistry with and do the work in getting to know that person.

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