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There are a thousand and one facts about European women that you need to know about: they’re physically attractive, which is a very well known fact, they’re feminine in the way they dress, and, when compared to the rest of the women in the world, they have a different view and attitude towards dating. Yes there’s a lot to know about European women, but from among all these facts, the main one that a foreign man should understand first is the last one mentioned: how a European woman views dating. If you want to consistently date European women, it’s time for you to know these facts about European women and dating by heart.

European Women And Dating Facts You Can’t Go On Without

Casual, It Starts Casual

If you see a beautiful European woman in a cafe, and you ask her to dinner, and she actually says yes, don’t be surprised. The reason why European women can be open to invitations like this (granted that you didn’t look and act like a total creep) is because they don’t really view dating as dating. In your mind, you’re probably thinking that she said yes because she finds you attractive and that she might like you already. It’s half true. She might find you attractive, but she’s not that in to you yet. For her, your invitation is all about hanging out – very casual, very friendly. It’s not about lovey-dovey stuff just yet.

She asked you out?!

You’re probably smiling right now and you should. In some parts of Europe, it’s perfectly acceptable for a woman to approach a man and ask him out on a date. This is one of the more interesting facts about European women and dating; if they want to make the first move, they will. But, you shouldn’t forget the first fact mentioned. Don’t go crazy thinking that it’s love at first sight.

Wearing Something Snazzy

This fact is not for the European woman to execute, but it’s actually for you. So here’s the thing. Although European women view “dates” as “casually hanging out” to see if there’s a spark or not, you still shouldn’t dress like you’re just hanging out. You have to wear something date-worthy. It’s ironic, isn’t it? But, it’s actually justifiable once you look at the European culture. Here’s another one of those interesting facts about European women and dating: they dress fancy and snazzy, so you have to do to.

Be the Gentleman and Pay

Again, although European women don’t really consider you’re time together as being a “date-date”, you, the foreign man, have to treat it like it is. This means that you have to pay the bill, help her to her chair, maybe bring her flowers, give her your coat when she’s cold and so on. Do things that a gentleman would do. Do you get the drift?

Lastly, the Kiss

By the end of a date, you’ll know if a European woman likes you or not through the mandatory end-of-date kiss. If she does kiss you, she is showing interest. You can most probably ask her out again without having to fear rejection. If she doesn’t kiss you, it could mean two things: you’re “OK”, which is never a good word to describe your time spent together, and she’s not that interested in you. You can still work with the former, but the latter, you might have a hard time with.

So that’s it for a short peak into a European woman’s way of thinking when it comes to dating. Did you find the facts about European women interesting? There’s definitely more so check back the blog for more tips about dating European women.