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While dating online, it is very possible to get too caught in the moment so you don’t recognize that what you’re currently doing is completely breaking the online dating rules. These little, almost unnoticeable mistakes most likely happen to everyone, both men and women. These mistakes are quite minor and easy to detect and if you pay enough attention you will be able to cut them down to the minimum, but if you are doing it often, they might be preventing you from finding love.

What Is Stopping You In Finding Love?

The “How are You” Cliché

This line simply isn’t a great conversation starter since it can so easily be answered with an “I’m fine, how are you?”. The question is mirrored right back at you and makes the conversation dull. We think introducing yourself is a far better way. For example try : “Hello, my name is [enter your own name]. Looking at your profile I noticed you are interested in sports. I also like to keep active.” Doesn’t this sound much better?

Talking too Much

It can very easily happen that amidst all the excitement in online dating we talk about ourselves far too much and completely forget to give the other person any time to talk. Great conversations are more of a two way street. Don’t forget to be respectful and show the person you are able to listen to them. No relationships, be they offline or online work if only one person has the floor.

Room to Breathe

Say you’ve come across a profile of an incredibly attractive seeming person and you send them a message. You don’t get a reply in an hour and so you send them another message. Still no response after five hours and instead of patiently waiting you send even more messages. Smothering someone is never a good idea and it will definitely put off who ever you are trying to contact. Would you think it’s reasonable if it happens to you?

Being Heartbroken Over Not Getting a Reply

This has definitely got something to do with our egos. It may be difficult to understand how come someone attractive does not answer our message. Negative feelings around rejection are understandable but you shouldn’t get too down on yourself and send messages saying you’re heartbroken. It is very common in real life dating and in online dating that not everyone is a good match for each other. Simply keep your head up and keep searching. There’s someone out there that’s right just for you.