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Online dating has gained more and more popularity over the recent years. It is the best choice for people living in the fast lane and for those who want to date people from other cultures. Getting into it is easy – simply sign up to a site. The rest is also thought to be easy, but that can be misleading. There are certain unwritten rules in online dating that can make your experience good or bad. Let’s have a look at online dating mistakes you should pay attention to.

1. Grammar.

Grammar mistakes are a huge turn off in online dating. It is the first thing people notice about you, aside from your profile picture. If English isn’t your first language, it is more acceptable. But there is no excuse if it is your native tongue. “What u up 2?” Will not do in the dating sphere. Check, double and triple check what you write.

2. The “How are you doing?” Problem

It is thought that asking how are you is a great conversation starter but if you think about it – is it? How would you answer when someone asks you this question? Most likely you would say something like “I’m okay, thanks. And you?”. Then the other party will say that they are fine as well and the burden to carry the conversation is on them. Try to be more original.

3. Focusing On Yourself

If we notice someone attractive, we have an impulse of wanting them to be impressed by us. Thanks to that we may get lost in talking far too much about ourselves. Imagine being on the receiving end of someone only talking about how great they are. Not fun, is it? Read through her profile and ask her questions about her life and hobbies.

4. Room to Breathe

So you notice someone you think is picture perfect for you. It seems like they are everything you are looking for so you send them a message right away. If they don’t respond in a couple of hours, you write them again. Before you even notice you’ve sent them 5+ letters. You don’t want to freak someone out by coming across as a stalker. Give the ladies room to breathe.

5. Broken Heart Problems

Everything doesn’t always work out as we would like. Especially so in relationships and online dating. It makes sense if you have negative feelings about someone very attractive either not responding to you or breaking off communication. Sending them letters about how your feelings are hurt will not fix anything. There are plenty of fish in the sea.