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A lot of people get into online dating and don’t consider what some of its most important rules could be. Rules of online dating are directly tied to what kind of experience you will have. We will list some of the most common online dating mistakes. Let’s have a look and see if you can recognize some of them.

What Online Dating Mistakes You Must Avoid

1. Grammar

The importance of grammar cannot be stressed enough. It is a part of the first impression you leave the ladies and as we know – first impressions last. If English isn’t your native language you may catch a break. There are plenty of European and Asian women who aren’t fluent in the language. But if it is your first language then there is no excuse. You won’t be charming anyone with “How u doin’?”.

2. Getting in Contact

Most often guys start a conversation with a “Hi! How are you?”. It sounds like a perfect thing to ask right? Think about it for a minute. How would you answer that? With an “I’m great. And you?”. That isn’t a great way to begin a conversation. What you want to do is read the woman’s profile and ask her a question about something interesting that you found. Perhaps something you have in common.

3. Not Being Selfish

It makes sense that we want to impress someone who is attractive to us, but no one wishes to hear you go on and on about yourself. Focusing on them is a much better way to create a connection. Ask her questions about her life and listen for a change.

4. Room to Breathe

Let’s assume that you came across a fascinating profile of a gorgeous woman. So you send her a message. She hasn’t responded in a couple of hours. So you send another one. No response after a day. You write another message. Do you see where we are going with that? Have patience and knock of any stalker-ish behavior.

Online dating can be a lot of fun if you are smart about it. Remember these tips and you should see success.