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It’s heartbreaking to all of a sudden find out that your online love interest has a boyfriend. It may sound too hurtful, but it does happen from time to time. Just take a look at the stories online.

You need to know, first of all, that the women that sign up to top notch online dating websites are carefully screened to ensure that they are truthful in their intentions or purpose – to find love, to find a life partner, to find their soulmate. There are instances, however, where a few of these women somehow pass the screening and end up on the website listed as single. If you ever encounter these women, here’s what to do about it.

Is Your Online Love Interest Worth It?

1. Gather Proof
The first thing you have to do is gather evidence that your online love interest does have a boyfriend. Sometimes, women have the tendency to post pictures with guys on them and these guys may not necessarily be their boyfriend. For example, women from Europe have a very open mind when it comes to men-women interactions so it’s best to just ask flat out.

If she denies it, it’s up to you whether you want to continue the relationship or not. Commonly, these kinds of women have more than one account. She might have another one on a different dating website. Find out by doing a bit of investigative research.

2. Report it
Once you have your proof, you need to report the matter to the proper website authorities. Usually a top notch online dating website will have an anti-scam policy that includes misrepresentation. Depending on the policy, the website might refund you of all the credits you spent corresponding with this woman and/or they might also ban this female from the website.

3. Cut all communication

At this point, when you’ve really proved that she has misrepresented herself, the best next step would be to just cut all communication entirely. You might have fallen for this person, but you have to remember that trust is something that you cannot do without in any relationship. No matter what her reason was, it’s best to just stop corresponding with her and move on.

Alas, Moving on
OK, so moving on might not be very easy, but remember that there are plenty of other TRUSTWORTHY fish in the sea. You also might think about transferring to another dating website that has a more intensive selection or screen process if the same situation keeps happening over and over again.

The best preventive measure would be choosing an online dating website that has the best anti-scam policy so it’s always wise to read through statements of terms, conditions and policies before signing up.