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Most men have an understanding of what they want their future partner to be about – she should have dark hair and blue eyes, know how to cook, she should love pampering you showing off her new bikini etc. Everyone has their own preference but in general, most people can agree that their potential girlfriend must possess certain traits to be called “girlfriend material”. We have made a small list for you.

1. She’s taking care of the house or work

Before you jump into it, this has nothing to do with sexism. More so it means all women and men have their own roles in the household. Some things are done together while others are not. This has been going on for a very long time and doesn’t show too many signs of changing. Most of the women will stay at home with the kids for a while, while you, the man, go to work to provide for them. But, it can also be other way around. And the only important thing here is for each party to participate in doing the work, regardless if it’s earning the money or taking care of the household. You don’t want a deadbeat.

2. She is responsible

She can make sound decisions, take care of her own self and life, she’s smart with her money without needing much impact from you. Some guys may want to be the one that takes care of all finances and that is alright too.

3. She is emotionally secure

By emotional security we mean she is comfortable with herself, who she is and comfortable in your relationship. That means that if you let her know that you’re going out with the guys, she will be okay with it. She won’t try to change you and all she wants is for you to be happy.

Lots of girls haven’t reached that level of emotional security yet but it is so important in relationships if you want to make them last. Keep in mind that you need to be emotionally secure as well.

4. You have similar priorities

You will be making decisions as a couple in the future and that is why it’s so important for the both of you to be on the same page, same team, same boat and so on. It can be tricky at the beginning if you’re still getting to know each other but it needs to be settled. If you are prioritizing your family and she is prioritizing her career – it’s going to be problematic. Same priorities make the relationship run much smoother and with much less conflict.

There are more things to take into consideration of course. You can add to this list if you want. Trust your guts as well when trying to figure out if the woman you are dating is girlfriend material.