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Slavic women, this is the common name for the women born in countries like Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Russia, Belarus, Poland, and Ukraine (to name a few). If Slavic women are the kind of women you’d like to meet online, know that there are certain ways of approaching them and interacting with them. These ways are, of course, influenced by culture and you should really be aware of them if you really want to have a beautiful Slavic girlfriend.

Knowing how to interact with Slavic women is a very broad topic but to get things started, let’s begin with 6 questions you should never ask (as they may be offensive).

Forget About Asking These Questions If You Want To Date Slavic Women

Question #1: You look so beautiful. What’s the secret to your beauty?

Seems harmless, right? It sounds like your average pickup line but you have to remember that the entire world is aware of Slavic women’s natural beauty. Keyword is natural. It may not have been your intention to ask her about her makeup or beauty routine but to her, it’s kind of what you were going for. Slavic women want to maintain the idea that their beauty is natural even though it, sometimes, isn’t (with the use of makeup, surgery, etc).

Question #2: How were your past relationships?

There are other variations of this question like, “What happened in your previous relationship” for example. STOP right there. Nobody wants to relive the agony of past heartaches (probably not even you) so it’s best to skip this question entirely. As you might have guessed, this one includes women in general also.

Question #3: How many foreigner boyfriends have you had?

Offensive much? This question is downright ungentlemanly especially to Slavic women. This is too personal and you have to allow her to be lady-like, so putting her on the spot to answer a question like this is an obvious NO-NO.

Question #4: What are your political views?

Understand that most of the Slavic countries that we mentioned earlier have very strong opinions on their government or current country leader, and possibly even on yours. There might be a chance of you and her not agreeing to something if you’re talking about politics so you can keep this question locked and unasked, at least in the beginning.

Question #5: What’s wrong with guys in your country?

Asking this question implies that you’re wondering why she needs to date online to find a boyfriend. To her, it may sound like you doubting her intentions for venturing into online dating. If it were you and you were asked the same thing (What’s wrong with women in your country?), how would you feel?

Question #6: Why haven’t you found a boyfriend yet?

Just another harmless question – WRONG. This is another example of a question that, to her, sounds like your suggesting that she’s picky or that she’s snobby because she’s not giving anyone a chance. Well, she’s talking to you, isn’t she? She might be picky but that’s her business and, if you think about it, you’re exactly the same way because in online dating, you get choose who you want to meet: women with blue eyes, blond hair, brunette hair, hazel eyes, tall, short and etc.

Now You At Least Know The Don’ts Of Dating Slavic Women

Now that you know some questions you shouldn’t ask, you are half ready to date Slavic women. There are a lot advice out there, but it will be enough if you rely on what your mama taught you – good manners, being a gentleman and being appropriate.

Check back in again for more helpful tips that will bring you closer to getting the Slavic woman of your dreams.