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So you have been dating this wonderful woman for a while now and you want to take the next big step. The only problem is that she is not ready to settle down and the reasons she gives you may be confusing. Or perhaps she is unsure of them. We have a lot of experience in the field of online dating and dating in general so we have some relationship tips that explain what is going on.

1. Family vs Career

A lot of women struggle with this issue. If they want a career, they feel that they can’t have a family and vice versa. That is because even in modern society the majority of the responsibility of raisin the family still falls on their shoulders. Men can go out and enjoy a career and a family while women are put in a situation where they must choose. If you are more modern in your way of thinking then ensure her that she has your support in whatever she wants to do.

2. She Loves to Live Alone

That is another thing that is common to happen these days. Women are not looking to settle down because the single life offers many benefits. In her home she can make all the decisions without having to always compromise and she doesn’t have to take care of anyone but herself. It could be that she is simply not ready because she hasn’t matured fully. Ironically moving together makes people grow up a lot faster. Be patient.

3. She Isn’t Sure About You

It could easily be that she isn’t confident that you are as serious about the relationship as she is. Perhaps she has doubts about if YOU are ready for this step. Try letting her know that you are absolutely in it and are capable of living together. There aren’t many things that are more effective than showing commitment.

4. She Doesn’t Want to

It could be that your lady just isn’t interested in settling down at all. Perhaps she has been scared to tell you this or perhaps you disregarded this idea because you hoped it would change. In this case there isn’t much you can do – if she doesn’t want a serious relationship then you need to make a decision. The decision between staying in something that won’t go any further or going after what you want with someone else.

We hope this article helped you out in your relationship and you have a better idea where to go from here. That concludes our list for relationship tips this week. Come back soon for more dating tips.