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When it comes to (online) relationships and remote love in general, the “moving in together” phase is a very serious one. It says that the two of you are contemplating being together in the long run. It sounds like a drag but you must do a lot of thinking. It isn’t like buying oranges at a store. It is even more serious if you are going to move to the other side of the world to be with your partner.

Is it a good idea? It definitely is provided that you have considered these following things.

Should Your Remote Love Become a Reality?


Have you thought about where you are going to live if you move in? Is there enough space at his/her home? This is the most important question if you are contemplating moving in together because you might be living there, possibly, for the rest of your life. It is vital to know if the place is suitable for both of you. Don’t forget to factor in all the things you’re taking with you when you move.

The Budget

The number two thing on your list is the issue of financial stability. Since you and your European beauty are a serious couple it is important to have these things balanced. Particularly around spending and budgeting. Do you have enough savings to support you both should there be some difficult times?

Working Life

The financial stability question brings us to issue number three. What exactly are you planning to do to earn a living? You need to know what the skills are for the work you will be doing so you would be able to compete in a different setting. Proper preparation will make moving so much less stressful.

Traditions and Culture

This aspect is extremely important in relationships. You must know the local customs of your remote love in order to do well in a different society. That is important in your work life and home life. Do you think your relationship can withstand obstacles that stem out of cultural differences between you and your partner? It is vital you pay attention to this question because overcoming deep differences takes a lot of time and patience.

Are You Ready to Move?

Having had a look at out list do you feel confident that moving to the other side of the world to move in with someone is a good idea? If after carefully thinking through each point you still want to say yes then congratulations to you. Don’t forget to pay attention to strengthening your relationship so it would be strong enough to be able to handle the difficulties that come along with moving.