Russian women stereotypes AnastasiaDate

Stereotyping is a very common behavior in all societies. Most of us are good people but still guilty of doing this ourselves. This may come as a surprise for you but some Russian women stereotypes that go around are actually somewhat or all true. This of course does not apply to all of them but some are incredibly accurate. For an example have a look at Russian women. There is no doubt they are gorgeous, independent and very sexy but there are plenty of stereotypes around them. This has most likely happened since they have been the sole subject of the typical man’s desires in the dating world.

Here are a couple of truths and myths about Russia women stereotypes.

Truth: Russian women love Westerners;

Myth: They only do that to escape the misery from their country.

This version can be looked at from several angles. If you married a Russian woman would that mean you completely abandon the life you have led so far? That is very unlikely. It is the same for most of these women. They may simply be interested in guys from different cultures because of what their attitude is towards women or they simply want to explore other worlds.

Truth: Russian women want to be domesticated;

Myth: They have no ambition and drive.

This one of the Russian women stereotypes could not be further from the truth. First of all not all people are alike. Second of all obtaining an education and having a satisfying working life. It is most likely they are interested in finding a balance between taking care of their family and also focusing on their work.

Truth: Russian women are attracted to you as a person;

Myth: They are only after your money.

It is another common misconception that women from Russia don’t have their own money and therefore are very interested in yours. This kind of thinking still lingers from the times of patriarchy where women were dependent on the man’s wealth. While there may be some women who are open about how they want to live the life where guys bring home the money, they certainly do not represent all women.

Truth: Russian women are stunning;

Myth: They are too interested in their appearance.

It is true Russian women stereotype that almost every Russian woman cares about how they look and so they put an effort into taking care of themselves.

There have been competitions on which country has the prettiest women and Russia has won this competition several times. So if you notice that on your dating site all the women are almost suspiciously good looking you can be sure that looking good is something very natural to these women. They want to look very feminine and they are on this site for exactly the same reason as you – to find themselves the right partner. Don’t be intimidated and ask these gorgeous ladies out, just because of the Russian women stereotypes.