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Having a great online dating profile is crucial these days if you are trying to find love online. So, we decided to help you make a best one, which is going to ensure you have success finding a partner soon. Of course, the process begins with signing up to an online dating site, which means you’ll probably have to fill out some basic info about yourself first. The harder part comes in once you are out of “filling out zone”, and have to make your profile personal (and noticeable).

Sure, it doesn’t sound easy: you have to describe yourself, and you also have to do it in such a way to attract a kind of a person ou’d like to date. Sounds like a lot of pressure is involved in this process, but we are here to help you out. Here is a list of things you need to do:

1. Ask Friend For a Help Assembling an Online Dating Profile

You probably didn’t even think of doing this, yet, it’s so simple. Your best friend knows you very well, knows what you like, and he or she won’t have a problem listing your qualities. So, ask them to describe you as a person, take notes, and then read through them and put them together and edit the whole thing into a great description.

One small advice though: even if you like all the things most people like, e.g. sunsets and beaches, avoid mentioning it. It will seem as though you are just listing cliches and not making much of an effort to put it something personal.

2. Put Social Life On Your Online Dating Profile

People love to see that we are well excepted and have friends. That doesn’t mean you should lie about your popularity or feel self-conscious if  you are not exactly a social butterfly, but try to include some of your social interactions in your dating profile. This also involves being active: any kind of sports or physical activity that you do should be included on your profile also.

3. Profile Pictures

At this point, you are almost done, but there are still some key things to consider. First of all, add recent pictures. Also, recent summer pictures are a good choice, because several studies have shown that’s what people like to see. Add pictures where you are engaged in an activity. If you don’t have too many to pick from, ask a friend to help you out and take a picture of you riding a bike or going camping. In this case as well, studies have shown that people respond better to profiles with pictures that show a person in some kind of an outdoor activity.

4. What Are You Looking For?

Don’t forget to include information about who you would like to meet. It is important at this point to be precise but realistic. The best idea is to focus on character and not physical attributes. For example: looking for someone who loves to try new things, loves reading, etc. Mentioning one or two small physical traits is okay but the focus should be on personality, hobbies and interests.

And there you go, you are all set. Don’t forget to be honest and thorough about who you are and what you are looking for. Good luck!