stereotypes about Russian AnastasiaDate

All of us fall under some or other stereotype since all a stereotype is is a description of any culture. You have probably heard stereotypes about Russian women but may be unaware which one of them actually apply. This article details six of them that are accurate and this information may be helpful to you when dating Russian women:

1. They care about looks

One of the most common stereotypes about Russian: When thinking about Russian women the typical image that pops into ones head is a very well dressed woman, with great make up and lots of jewellery and accessories. Russian women love to look beautiful. They dress up for going for a walk in a park or just to the supermarket.

2. They are very passionate about their country

This couldn’t be more true – Russians are very very patriotic. If you don’t want to offend them then you should refrain from taking a strong stand against how the country is run. You shouldn’t even make jokes about it because with Russians making jokes about their native land simply isn’t funny. You should keep a very open mind and keep the conversation from getting too confrontational.

3. Russian women score high on the list of beautiful women

This is the most common stereotype one comes across and it is also one of the most accurate ones. Visiting the country you will be stunned by how many beautiful women you see no matter where you go. Eastern-European women have definitely won the gene lottery and have very low obesity rates and great health in general.

4. They are superstitious

It isn’t too bad of an idea to try to familiarize yourself with what the most commonly held superstitious beliefs are because if you happen to get your date six flowers she may get upset with you since it is an unlucky number. Pay attention to this issue in the relationship.

5. They are family oriented

This may be a bit controversial but it’s nevertheless true. It is a fact that the Western culture has had a lot of influence on the region but some things stay the same. The gender roles are still relatively strong in that country. A typical Russian women knows how to cook, is interested in taking care of the kids and the house. They do typically have an education as well but will spend some time home with the kids.

6. They aren’t too shy around Vodka

We’re not trying to imply anything with this one but Russian women do know how to have a good time. Vodka is on the table at every important event, be it the new years eve, someone’s birthday or celebrating a promotion, so this is one of the stereotypes about Russian people in general that is actually true.