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There are specific things each European country is known for. For example, Greece is known for its breath taking views and unique architecture, Belgium is known for its beer, Italy is known for its pizza and pasta and so forth. From among all these European countries, there is one specific place that stands out when you mention these 5 things listed below and that’s Russia. It is undeniable that the first country that comes to mind is mother Russia when any of these 5 things are mentioned because, let’s face it, Russians do them better than any place in the world.

5 Things Russians Do Better


If you look at places like Moscow and St Petersburg, you will find a number of memory-engraving palaces all around. One reason why these palaces are unforgettable is the architectural design – the majesty, the enormousness and the intricateness.

One such palace is the Peterhof Palace which is located in the town of Petergof St. Petersburg, Russia. Peterhof Palace, also known as “the Russian Versailles”, was built in 1725 on the orders of Peter the Great. There are a lot more impressive palaces, not just the Peterhof Palace, that you could experience when you pay mother Russia a visit.


Undeniably, there have been a lot of successful (and famous) ballet dancers who came from Russia. It’s also a fact that Russia has produced and has choreographed a number unforgettable ballets over the years (that includes doing the music as well).


It’s true that Russians like to drink vodka but they have developed this taste because of their history. Since vodka has been considered as the drink of choice to keep warm during the cold winter nights, Russians, even before everyone else did it, have played with vodka flavor to “spice things up” as they consume it.


Did you know that Russians are very superstitious?  Yes they are. Most of these superstitions have become part of everyday life (not all, of course). Some are believed by the majority of the population but there are some that are too “silly” to consider. Here are a few examples:

  • Very similar to American belief, breaking a mirror is considered bad luck in Russia. So is looking at one’s reflection in a broken mirror which may bring 7 years of bad luck.
  • Talking about future success is considered bad luck. It’s better to just be silent about it until the success has been achieved.
  • If a chicken crows at you 3x before noon, the death of a close family member can be expected within a fortnight. The chicken is usually killed, but not eaten, to avoid the incident.


If you’re a fan of watching gymnastics on TV, then you already have an idea of how good Russian gymnasts are. No matter what category it may be, at least one Russian is called to be in it. Another angle to look at is the amount of gold medals Russian gymnasts have won for their country.

A Grand Country

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