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It’s not just beauty and brains that men find attractive in Russian women. Another quality that men find very alluring is that Russian women know men. They understand how men think and they let men act like men. It’s probably why Russian ladies make good lovers, girlfriends and wives. Here are 5 proofs to convince you.

Do Russian Women Know Men?

1. Culturally Unbiased

Men, no matter from what country, would want a woman who has an unbiased perspective of most things in life. This is especially true with men who are looking for a girlfriend or a wife overseas. Good thing that Russian women know men in this sense. They don’t really care about what culture their potential mate has as long as the love, support and commitment is there.

2. Age Doesn’t Matter

The same goes with age. Men like women who see past most things that society finds negative like older man-younger woman relationships. Russian women don’t mind dating someone who is older than them which makes most men, the older one’s in particular, feel comfortable and at ease.

If you take a look at most dating websites, you will see that there are Russian females that are between 24-30 that actually prefer a more mature partner. There are also dating profiles of Russian females that say that age doesn’t really matter to them.

3. Looking Good from Head to Foot

Looking good has never been a problem for Russian women because they’re naturally petite and they have natural facial features that men find captivating – take a look at their eyes to start with. They also try their best to maintain the beauty that they have with exercise, skin care and makeup because they understand that most men appreciate a sexy, good-looking woman who takes pride in the way she presents herself.

4. A Woman’s Role

Aside from all these, Russian women know men in the sense that they have needs and expectations as the head of the family and as the man in the relationship. This means that Russian women would gladly cook, clean and pamper her family as well as the man she loves. This doesn’t mean though these ladies are subservient. No, no – you shouldn’t mistake love and care as subservience.

5. Good Lovin’

One stereotype of Russian women that many men are familiar with is about Russian ladies being good lovers and that’s true. As long as you show effort in the relationship, you take the lead as a man, you act like a perfect gentleman, you can be sure that your Russian girlfriend or Russian wife will reciprocate not only in pampering you or taking care of the house but also in the bedroom. Remember, though, that it has to be a give-and-take kind of relationship.

What’s your take on all of this? Do think that these 5 really prove that Russian women know how the male mind operates? Or maybe we missed something? Give use your comments below, don’t be shy. And, be sure to check back often for more helpful posts about dating Russian women.