Russian beauty AnastasiaDate

There comes a time when you find an online dating profile of a Russian beauty that captivates you instantly. When this happens, you dig a little deeper and read every word on her description box. You find out that you have the same likes, you have the same dislikes and you have the same life goals! Seems perfect, right? You send her a message. You wait for a few minutes. Nothing. You figured that she may not be online most of the time so you send another “hello” her way. Still nothing. What do you do at this point?

What to Do if your Russian Beauty is NOT Replying

1. Don’t over think it.

Stop reading your message over and over again.

This is pretty common when it comes to online dating. You send a nice message and then you don’t get a reply. You watch the message carefully a day after and then you replay how you sent the message – what you wrote, how you wrote it, what time you sent it and etc. STOP because you have to consider a lot of factors and one of them is: she may not be interested in you. Another is: she may not have logged in yet (if it’s only been 24-hours). Wait and see if she does send a message back. If not, then let it be. There are plenty of Russian beauties out there!

2. Change your approach.

If you wrote a 3 paragraph introduction, it might have been too long. If you wrote, “Hey baby, you look gorgeous” or if you wrote anything that sounds as cocky as this, it might have been off turning. You have to change your approach with your messages. Sending every Russian beauty the same message over and over again is not the key to getting a reply. It’s time to change it up. How? That would be a totally different topic of it’s own but you get the idea, right? Don’t bother sending a revised message either. Just move one and change your approach.

3. Don’t force it.

When you’re a hopeless romantic, you might believe in something called destiny (of course, why wouldn’t you believe in destiny?). If you are meant for each other or if you are as compatible as you think, don’t worry. She will be interested as soon as she takes a gander at your dating profile. Just let it happen. If it doesn’t happen, never force it. You want things to happen naturally so forcing her to reply, bombarding her with a dozen messages and online stalking her IS NOT ideal. For all you know, there might be an even better profile of a Russian beauty on your next search.


Truth is, she doesn’t owe you a reply if she’s not interested so why bother? It would be the same with you if someone you’re not interested in sent you a message, right? You can really expect people, in general, to reply: “Sorry, I’m not interested” for you to move on with your online dating.