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Hungary is a country with quite the local customs and some of the norms here may seem strange and even downright weird. But, if you plan on dating a Hungarian girl, you should get used to these things and eventually develop a taste for them, who knows, you might even find them endearing soon after. Now there are a lot of these quaint little quirks but we’ll name a few of the most common just to help you get started.

What To Expect From A Hungarian Girl

The Weather and the Front

If out of the blue, your Hungarian girlfriend is in a bad mood, chances are she blames the front for it. Hungarians often blame the front for their bad mood and headaches even. And this “front” they talk about is the weather front. These people are often unhappy about the weather may it be hot or cold. If it’s hot they complain about it being too hot. If it’s cold, well, they complain it’s too cold. And they don’t necessarily like rain either. So if your Hungarian date is a bit out of sorts and a bit irritable, you know who to blame. Blame the weather and it’s front.

Hot Sauce and Sour Cream Sauce

If the western world has ketchup, mayo, pickles and mustard as their staple condiments, the Hungarians have their own too. So if you’re dating a Hungarian girl, better get used to the staple condiments of Hungary. Here they have a hot chili sauce called Erős Pista that they practically have with any and every meal. Hungarians love their spice and you will probably see this condiment on most tables when you eat out. They also have a certain fixation with a sour cream sauce called tejföl. Every dish is either swimming or smothered in this and when in Budapest, you better learn to love this as well.

ID Carding

In the west, carding is usually reserved for getting into bars or buying cigarettes and booze. But in Hungary, most particularly in Budapest, police can randomly come up to you and ask for your ID. This is actually to the extent of people being brought in simply for not having their IDs with them. It’s much like a really, really large university where the guards will call you out for not having your ID. So just to be on the safe side, make sure you have an ID or some sort of identification document with you at all times.

Queues and Bus Tickets

In a civilized society, standing in line to wait your turn is a norm and is expected. But if you are with a Hungarian girl going around the city, you might be surprised if she pulls some sneaky moves to get closer to the front of the queue. This is perfectly normal in this society though of course it is almost an art as you might get into a scuffle if you are caught red-handed.  This seems to be the case with certain bus routes as well. People tend to choose routes with less inspectors and in case someone who looks suspiciously like an inspector comes in, they sure know how to make a speedy, inconspicuous exit.

Well, as with any nation or culture, it is better if you try to blend in. There is a saying when in Rome, do as the Romans. So when dating a Hungarian girl, try your best to adjust yourself to her life.