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You’ve probably always wanted to date Slavic women, and thanks to their popularization in the online dating world they are not such a mystery anymore. Since the onset of their popularity, we’ve discovered how gorgeous and interesting they are. The goal, for most men, now is this: they have to win over a Slavic woman. It’s, however, easier said than done. These seven tips might help though.

This Is What You Need To Do To Date Slavic Women

Learn a few phrases at first and don’t stop learning

There are Slavic women who know how to speak English well and there are some who don’t. Whatever the case, it will be beneficial for you both to speak her native language. Eventually, when you do end up together, she will want your children to speak her language so you don’t want to be the one who’s left out. Besides, it will come in handy when meeting  her family and visiting her hometown.

Don’t move too fast

When you’re too emotionally caught up, you can’t make rational decisions. You cannot assess if things are moving too fast. As soon as someone close to you says that you may be moving too fast – you’re processing her visa only after a few months – take heed. They’re usually right. If you want the relationship to last, let the foundation grow.

Her friends are important

For Slavic women, friendship circles mean a lot. In order for you to impress her as well as impress her friends, you have to show interest to get to know the people she hangs out with. It’ll be big plus points if you do everything right on the day of meeting her friends.

Mingle with the locals

When you’re in her country, make sure that you mingle with the local people and not just the expats. This shows that you’re open to exploring her culture and that you haven’t closed yourself to the idea of immersing yourself in getting the know her roots.

Learn to love Slavic food

Slavic women are the type of women who truly believe in the importance of cooking dinner for their family every night. Now, how can you enjoy her cooking when you haven’t developed a love for Slavic cuisine? Early on in the relationship, it’s important that you try Slavic food as often as possible so you develop a taste for it.


Here’s one major perk when dating Slavic ladies: you get your own personal tour guide. Make sure that you go around her country when visiting. You’ll probably learn a thing or two and you might just end up falling in love with her country.

Love Her Country

What we’re basically saying is this: if you love her country, she will show love back. That’s the basic concept that we’re trying to introduce here so make sure that you do the work in doing so.

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