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The Ukrainian culture is full of history, traditions and norms that Ukrainian people are very proud of. Believe it or not, some of their traditions date back to more than 1000 years but despite this, most of the traditions that they have are still being done in Ukraine. It may not be exactly similar to how their ancestors did it but the thought and the idea are still there. And if you are planing to date a Ukrainian girl, you should learn their ways so you won’t be taken aback when she does something that seems odd to you.

Ukrainian Girl Isn’t Strange, You Just Don’t Know Her

Doing your research on these will definitely go a long way with the Ukrainian girl that you’re dating. To lighten up your load on the researching part, let us give you five interesting things that you’ve never known about the Ukrainian culture.


When you hear this word, thoughts of happiness and joy come to your mind but it’s a little bit different in Ukraine. A smile isn’t given often like in other parts of the world. Smiling in Ukraine is reserved for laughing, only for laughing. It’s not often (or maybe something that doesn’t happen at all) that you meet someone for the first time and they smile at you. Don’t be offended if they just give you a handshake with a blank expression. It’s nothing personal, it’s merely something cultural.


What’s McDonald’s got to do with the culture in Ukraine? Well, it may just be a fun fact but the McDonald’s in Kiev is the third most visited Mickey D’s in the world. They cater to about 2 million orders per year. That’s a lot of cheeseburgers, fries and coke! This may sound cheesy but you might just impress your Ukrainian lady friend with this fun fact by sliding in into the conversation while waiting for your drive thru order at the McDonald’s from where you’re from.

Drinking and a Lot of it

Ukrainians rank fifth on the list of most-drinking nations of the world. Believe it or not but an average Ukrainian person (who’s 15 years and older) drinks 15.6 liters of alcohol a year. Can you imagine how much alcohol that is? It’s probably because of Ukraine’s legendary $2 per bottle of vodka. You have to taste it to experience its awesomeness or you can simply ask the beautiful Ukraine woman that you’re chatting with about it.

Kiss Me Three Times

It’s not what you’re thinking. The three-kisses-on-the-cheek custom only applies to females. When female friends meet, they greet each other with three kisses – first on the left cheek and then to the right and then to the left again.

Not Just Yet

Now this is very helpful when you visit your Ukrainian lady’s family for the first time. Remember that in Ukraine you cannot begin eating unless your host invites you to. No matter how delicious the meal is, and it usually is in Ukraine, you have to wait for the host’s go signal.

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