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Romanian women have always ranked high regarding beauty and attractiveness. It is no wonder that a lot of men, the world over have sought these ladies to be their girlfriends. And, as with any venture, research is critical for you to be armed with the knowledge you will need to be successful in getting a Romanian lady. You’re probably well-versed with those tips, dress well, look good, be punctual, the works. But here, we will give you some advice that may seem unusual but will most definitely catch the eye of the Romanian lady you are trying to impress.

What You Must Do If You Are Planning To Date Romanian Women

Carry a backup wallet

What? A backup wallet? Yes. You read that right. Now, Romanian street safety may not be up to par with those of the western world just yet. And it can be quite easy to lose your wallet. So in a case of emergency, have a backup wallet handy. Now don’t get us wrong. Romanian women are not gold diggers. It’s just that your Romanian lady friend might blame herself for the tragedy. These girls are a bit dramatic after all. Just to play it safe, bring enough cash, on both wallets, and leave your credit cards at the hotel or somewhere safe.

Count your flowers

In Romania, even numbered flowers are offered to dead loved ones and at funerals. That is why it is imperative that you make sure you count the flowers in her bouquet or else you might end up wishing her dead without you knowing. Just make sure the number of blooms you have in that amazing bouquet is odd numbered. Never hurts to do this on the way up to her porch so your can pull out one in case you do end up with an even numbered bouquet.

Know how to rid her of the evil eye curse

In Romania, there is a curse said to be laid by old women who are envious of a young and beautiful woman’s charm. Much like the evil witches from the fairy tales, she knew growing up. What happens is an old lady would curse her for her beauty and youth. Symptoms are a sudden bout of a headache or nausea after a stare down with a not so friendly old lady. If this happens, offer to bring her home where you can offer to massage her feet. Also, ask her to teach you the Romanian prayer used to counter this curse.

Brush up on your axe wielding and survival skills

European men, in general, are handy with an axe. Especially the Nordic roots of most European nations have a particular attraction to manly men who know how to handle an axe. So being a from a foreign land, you ought to step up your game. Romanian women are women in the most fundamental sense and are turned on especially by masculine displays of survival skills. When we say survival skills, we mean being able to start a fire from materials you find in a forest.