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So you’ve found the Ukrainian woman you would like to date. What do you have to do to tip the odds in your favor? Here are a few ways you can improve your chances with her.

Ukrainian Woman Will Be Mesmerized With You If You Do This

Tip #1: Dress to impress

First impressions last. Or so the cliché goes. But then again, physical appearances are the first things noticed (even if you admit it or not). In order to up your chances with a Ukrainian woman, pay extra attention to how you look. Women in Ukraine dress to the nines each time they go out, sporting only the best in fashion to emphasize their already beautiful physiques. They would expect the same from a man who wishes to take them out on a date. One should go for “spic and span”. Meaning, groom that facial hair, get a nice haircut, wear clothes that fit well and gear more towards business casual, shine your shoes and get a nice musk (a manly kind of scent). Dress as you would for a business lunch meeting. Most importantly: be clean. After all, this gives you an aura of masculinity, power and confidence.

Tip #2: Be masculine, confident and romantic

Women, in general, find confidence in men attractive.  More so if you couple that with a bit of chivalry, like opening doors for her, helping her with her coat, offering your hand when she steps out of a vehicle – you know, the whole prince charming thing. And, add a little bit of romance by showing up with flowers (though a quick culture note here: only give odd numbered flowers, even numbered flowers are only given on funerals, and avoid yellow flowers as some might regard this as a symbol of breaking up, or bad luck), and you’re in it for the win. Remember, a Ukrainian woman loves masculinity since Ukraine has a higher female to male ratio and a man who goes out of his way to get his woman, tips the scale to his favor. Another note, it is better to speak confidently in English than blunder trying to speak the language. Try to avoid speaking the language unless you are well versed and satisfactorily fluent with it as this lessens the air of confidence which will possibly lower your chances with her.

Tip #3: Be interested in her

When we say interested in her, we mean, be interested in her as a person.  Ask questions about her and be genuinely interested in what she says. Ask her about what she loves to do or places she wants to go. Ask about her hobbies and her views about things that you find interesting, like food, movies, sports and other things. Find common ground. And just to be on the safe side, stay away from topics like money, religion, politics, and saying negative things about ex-lovers. You can talk about these things once you know each other better.  Let her talk about herself and share a little bit of yours.

Tip#4: Make her laugh

Women in general love it when a man makes her laugh. Employ a light, fun and clean sense of humor and make her laugh. But try not to force it or else you would seem desperate or it would look like you’re trying too hard. Conversations flow easily with a bit of humor (remember that). This will also help ease you into applying tip #3 as the getting to know her phase will go a little more smoothly.

Tip#5: Treat her with respect

Ukrainian women, despite being innately flirtatious, view dating in the more conservative sense. Do not expect intimacy on the first date. Finding a long term relationship will require a little bit of courtship. Be a gentleman. Use words carefully to ensure she does not feel that you are just after intimacy. This goes hand in hand with tip #2 where you act like the perfect gentleman – treat her like a lady. Go through the motions of courtship where you take her on dates, give her flowers and simple gifts without intimacy in mind. When you treat her with respect, this ups your chances with your Ukrainian beauty.

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