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Getting a Russian girl to notice you may seem difficult but it actually isn’t. Effort is definitely needed – a lot of it is needed – but what you put in will eventually pay off when you have your Russian honey in your arms, totally smitten with you, your personality, your sense of style and your manliness. How do you do this exactly without seeming too attention grabbing? We have suggestions for grabbing that beautiful Russian girl’s attention.

Russian Girl’s Attention Will Be Yours If You Do This

#1 Way to get that Russian Girl’s Attention:

Look good. Is this too broad? Let us be specific. Dress stylishly or at least appropriately with a hint of chic.

Russian girls like to dress up. They dress up just to go to the supermarket. In this case, a male counterpart will definitely catch their attention and turn their heads. But what if you don’t know how to “look good”? The answer to this rests in your support system. Ask advice from friends or family on what looks good and what doesn’t.

#2 Way to get that Russian Girl’s Attention:

Project confidence. This one is a little bit hard to explain because it entails that you don’t give her your full attention.

Let’s say you’re at a bar and you see a beautiful Russian girl with green eyes – like the Russian beauty you see in your dreams. You catch her attention by giving out small hints that you’re interested: buy her a drink, buy her friends a drink, talk to her a bit (if she allows), and then pay more attention to her friend instead of her. This is not quite foolproof so you have to figure our your own strategy. The idea is to be aloof but still confident and interested.

#3 Way to get that Russian Girl’s Attention:

Manliness. Man-ness. Chest hair. Well maybe not chest hair.

Another way that you can get a Russian girl’s attention is by showing off your manliness. In order for you to understand this fully, you have to know what manliness means in a Russian woman’s eyes. It means that you need  to be a gentleman: open doors, pull her to the side of the street away from traffic, offer to drive her home and etc. This is usually mistaken for “machoness” which, for many, means that you show your  high levels of testosterone. NO. Being manly means that you have to be a gentleman but still be in touch with your romantic side.

#4 Way to get that Russian Girl’s Attention:

Meaningful conversations. Russian girls love meaningful conversations.

Go ahead and talk to the Russian girl you like at the cafe. Ask her if she’s with someone. If not, it’s a chance for you to spend time with her (instant date). Mind you, Russian girls are not as rigid when it comes to dating so saying yes to your invitation might just be because she’s curious, she’s interested, or she wants a friend to hang out with. No won’t know.

That’s why, while you’re spending time with her, you need to show her that you can carry meaningful conversations. This will get her attention and, hopefully, she’ll find you attractive (in a lovie-dovie way). Share stories about yourself but don’t forget to ask her questions as well. Tell her about your travels, about the books you read, about the movies you saw and ask her about her interests.

TIP: Some topics to avoid – politics, religion, money.

Try Them Out

Try out these 4 ways and see if they work for you. Check back soon for more tips on how to make Russian women swoon!