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Online relationship can be testing because you have to find a balance between being together (corresponding online, through text or through phone calls) and maintaining your independence as a person. Don’t be surprised by the statement because having your independence will be good for you as well as for the relationship, believe it or not. It should come from both sides, of course. Here are 5 ways you can do this:

Don’t forget your down time.

And, you also shouldn’t forget that your partner also has her down time. The both of you do not need additional pressure and stress so make sure that you have some time apart from your online relationship. Maybe the better thing to say is: time part from your computers and phones to be with each other virtually. Take a break from time to time and don’t pressure each other to meet online 24/7.

Spend time with friends.

The both of you should let each other spend time with friends. There’s nothing more counterproductive than NOT allowing your significant other to hang out with friends (that he or she met before he or she met you, take note). The both of you should remember that your friends’ input will affect your online relationship in a way so it’s important that the both of you show that you aren’t selfish with each other’s presence and time. Besides, you have your friends to turn to when times get rough so they shouldn’t be forgotten.

Don’t give up your dreams.

OK so having someone you share your life with could change a few things but, ultimately, you shouldn’t give up what you really love and want to do for the sake of love. You shouldn’t give your goals up and neither does your partner. Being in an online relationship may change a few things especially when you really want to bring your relationship to the next level but your goals, as well as your girlfriend’s, should still be intact.

State your opinion.

Being in an online relationship will let you experience the brutality of being honest. Women from European countries don’t really sugar coat things because it is in their culture. If she doesn’t like something, she will tell you right away. You should be the same. The both of you should express how you feel about certain things. Though difficult to do, it will help your relationship in the long run. Come on, be honest.

Let things happen naturally.

Schedules and set times cannot be avoided especially when you don’t have enough as in the case of one visiting the other. However difficult it may seem, try to leave room for things to happen naturally. Don’t force things, in short. Be free to do what you want and, at the same time, be free to do whatever the both of you want to do together. It’s less stressful. Really, it is.

The Key: Balance

There’s also such a thing as being too independent. You don’t want that from the other because you are in a relationship, after all. The key to everything that we just told you: balance. Don’t forget your goals, let the other pursue what he or she wants in life, allow the other to spend quality time with friends and family, be honest and let things fall into place. Remember that independence is a good thing because it will help deepen the quality of your connection.