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Every woman has an idea in their head about what an ideal guy for them is like. Going through several profiles of women from Europe and putting together statistics we have come up with a list of what are the most typical qualities they’re looking for.

Women From Europe And Their Desires

1. Someone who is sensitive.

This is no surprise. Unfortunately lots of people think this means being soft and overly feminine. How we see this is that they want someone who cares how they feel about things and someone who is going to be there when they need support.

2. Someone who is assertive.

By assertive we don’t mean someone who completely takes over every situation but someone who can be tough and decisive when need be. It is smart to be strong but keep from being overbearing. Be disciplined but not demanding. These women are self-reliant and they are interested in guys that are the same.

3. Someone who can provide.

It is understandable that women may want someone with a stable income. Especially if you are planning to have a family. She is going to be taking some time off work to focus on the kids and therefore taking care of the finances becomes your job. Typically the women are able to take care of this area but it is good to know that if something goes wrong there is the necessary support.

4. Someone who shows them respect.

No one can live a happy life without having the respect of people who surround them. Because of the way things have been throughout history this point is very important. It is important to accept her the way she is and not try to stop her from pursuing her dreams.

As you can see there aren’t too many differences in what women want. Basic needs are the same. All you need to do is embody these traits and you can build a strong relationship with women from Europe.