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This is a very common question that guys often come across, especially when they are looking to start a relationship with someone who lives on the other side of the globe. Finding an answer to this question luckily isn’t difficult, because the differences in the American and European cultures make European ladies rather different compared to women from the US. The women do have some things in common with regards to what they want out of a relationship.

1. They Want Equality

This is a very important point: European ladies expect to be treated equally. It may be in the domestic responsibilities or the area of finances or even simply picking out a restaurant to go to on a date. In order to make the relationship work you must keep this in mind and accept your partner’s right to make the decisions in the relationship. Under no circumstances should you push her aside and decide everything on your own.

2. They Expect Sincerity

This one obviously matters to all women. Trust and honesty are the foundation to every great relationship so do not start off a relationship with lying about your relationship status, age or financial situation. It sounds tempting if you happen to be talking online but it will come back to haunt you in the future. Just be honest.

3. They Want Independence

This is very relevant – especially with Russians. They are used to having independence. That means they must have the freedom to do what they desire: act they way that is natural to them, dress however they want, eat whatever they want, go out with whomever they want. All of this given that their wishes do not compromise your relationship. Put simply – let her do her thing.

4. They Want Security

The woman’s need for a sense of security in a relationship couldn’t be more important. Making her feel like she has someone to lean on, that she is protected no matter what happens is crucial.

5. They Want Intimacy

As you know there are two types of intimacy. One is physical and the other emotional. The first one is a given but the other one not so much. Statistics show that over three quarters of profiles of European ladies state that they want someone who understands them. So you should definitely try to be there for her on this level.

Focus on the five principles we outlined here and better your relationship or keep these thoughts in mind for the future if you want to build a strong long term long distance relationship.